Wonders of Adoption: Why to Adopt a Dog

They’re Great Companions

Dogs make absolutely wonderful companions! Studies have shown pets actually decrease rates of depression, improve social behavior, and enhance an owner’s health.

  1. Dogs live to love and please us!
  2. They cuddle better than anyone!
  3. Their reaction when you return from an extended absence is priceless!
  4. Dogs are extremely loyal, intelligent, trainable, and don’t discriminate!


Dogs Make Wonderful Work-out Partners!

Whether the game is a walk or a jog, owning a dog (hopefully) forces people to exercise them daily, which means exercise for the owner!

Believe it or not, the United Kingdom has actually made a sport out of running off-road with your dog, called Canicross! The human participant wears a waist belt which attaches a bungee line to a padded dog harness.

Canicross is a fantastic way to keep you and your dog fit whilst enjoying the great outdoors together! It provides a physical workout for both you and your dog, and the use of directional commands will help him to learn and build up his confidence.

Canicross can help you:

  1. Get running with your very own furry personal fitness trainer.
  2. Foster strong bonds with your dog.
  3. Improve some dog behaviour problems caused by lack of exercise and stimulation
  4. Run faster!
  5. Keep in top shape and control your weight.


You’re Literally Saving a Life

If you’re still not convinced, consider this, over a million dogs are destroyed annually in the United States alone, and the number is a few hundred thousand higher for cats.

Hard to believe? Consider this: The pet industry is money-driven and very popular; large scale animal breeders (‘Puppy or Kitten Mills’) have a lot to gain by breeding and selling animals. The catch is- it is nearly impossible to profit off of the distribution of hundreds of animals, and properly treat them medically- so most of these large mills simply don’t. For this reason, people have paid large sums of money to ‘order’ a pet, only to find out they must spend hundreds or thousands more simply to keep it alive. You should Never order a pet off of the internet.

These animal breeders produce more animals than there is a demand for or room to house; many end up in shelters across the country. Of course, our shelters can’t come anywhere near being capable of providing for every animal out there; they simply lack the resources.

‘Euthanasia’ is not a correct term, depicting the assisted death of an already terminal, suffering human or animal. The vast majority of animals put to death are completely healthy and well-behaved; we simply lack the resources to care for them.

When you adopt a pet from a shelter, you’re guaranteed a healthy animal; shelters are legally obligated to provide proper medical care for their animals. This is the reason you might pay $200 or $300 to adopt.


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