Dog Food Examination: What Should You Feed Your Dog?

As responsible pet owners, we all want our little fur-kids to thrive and live a happy and fulfilled life! Most of us can’t imagine our little pooches suffering from poor health, but dog obesity is actually an enormous and surprisingly common problem among pet owners.

Buyers: Beware of their Tricks!

Though dogs have evolved to do best on sources of animal protein, many large dog food distributors will use plant products, such as corn, as a sort of ‘filler’ because they are cheap to produce and easy to grow. Yes, manufacturers will often offer high percentages of protein, but is it the right kind of protein? If your food of choice is Purina, Pedigree or Alpo, the answer to that question, 80% of the time, is a resounding NO.

  • ★ These manufacturers often offer a wide range of foods, some may be higher quality than others. It’s up to the consumer (you) to check ingredient labels!
  • ★ The price of a dog food will often reflect the cost of producing it- in other words, quality. Ever wonder why that 50 lb. bag of Purina Puppy Chow costs only $15, and the same amount of ‘Blue Buffalo’ might cost $50?



Amino Acids

Unfortunately, there is a difference between plant protein and animal protein. All proteins are composed of Amino Acids, some of which our (and dogs’) bodies naturally produce, and others (called Essential Amino Acids), must be found in foods eaten.

What does this mean? Many of these ‘Essential Amino Acids’ a dog needs to thrive aren’t found in adequate amounts with these plant sources that manufacturers like to use. In other words, the dog must eat more to receive adequate nutrition- often leading to problems like obesity.


Meat ‘By-Product’

These are the ‘clean’ by-products of meat.

  • ★ By-Product- Literally anything that isn’t the meat itself. This could range from lungs and other vital organs to fur and bone.
  • ★ ‘Clean’ is deceiving, considering animal feces, maggots and rotting corpses are cooked along with everything else, or ‘Rendered’, in a large vat at high enough temperatures to kill any bacteria or viruses.
  • ★ The CDC believes ‘Mad Cow Disease’, an incurable disease that attacks the nervous system, fatal to both animals and humans in 100% of cases, derived from this animal feed ‘rendering’.


Five Star Dry Dog Food Brands

The following are ranked both by Dog Food Advisor, a high-quality source for food comparisons, and the author’s knowledge on the subject.

  1. Evo Dog Food
  2. Nature’s Variety Instinct
  3. Orijen Dog Food
  4. Blue Buffalo Wilderness
  5. Taste of the Wild

To view a more extensive list, click here.


One Star, Poor Quality Dry Dog Food Brands

These brands tend to be very inexpensive, but also very well-known. Though they advertise as offering a completely balanced, high quality diet, they rarely actually do.

  1. Alpo Dog Food
  2. Kibbles ‘N Bits
  3. Pedigree Dog Food
  4. Purina Dog Chow

To view a more extensive list, click here.

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