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The year is 1835. The every-day crowd of England’s streets becomes quiet; the popular sport called ‘Bull Baiting’ has finally been ruled illegal. Profit has now become a scarce commodity for promoters of such violent games.
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You would be surprised how many people start out training unprepared! Do you have your training rewards? How about all other necessary equipment; is it all available? Do you have the required space?
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To ensure a safe road trip for you and your dog, prepare in advance. Have you put together a doggie first aid kit, or at least gathered emergency numbers in case something happens?
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Canine body language is fascinating in its simplicity; your dog could say more in under a second than many humans could in hours!
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Dogs make absolutely wonderful companions! Studies have shown pets actually decrease rates of depression, improve social behavior, and enhance an owner’s health.
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As responsible pet owners, we all want our little fur-kids to thrive and live a happy and fulfilled life! Most of us can’t imagine our little pooches suffering from poor health, but dog obesity is actually an enormous and surprisingly common problem among pet owners.
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Where did dogs come from, anyway, and why is there so darn many of them? Well, there are many theories, but ‘Proto-dog’ (translating to ‘First Dog’) is perhaps the greatest! Because dog breeds vary so greatly, Charles Darwin was unsure whether the dog's true ancestry could be determined.
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Most dogs need winter protection - just like people do. Are you prepared to keep your pooch warm and comfy?
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Core vaccinations are either strongly recommended or legally mandated in most countries- simply because infected animals can cause dangerous, if not lethal, outbreaks.
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Few of us are paid dog trainers, and so training might seem like a daunting and dreadful task! However, there are a few basic, simple techniques and principles even a small child could execute; these are extremely simple to teach!

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