About us

Bark If you want some was created after I lost my best friend Charlie, a beautiful dog who was full of life. Charlie became very sick over time and helping him overcome his sickness became a challenge which was out of my control. My family and I paid thousands of dollars to enhance his quality of life but as the veterinarians told us, there was nothing more to do but give him his medication, be there for him and comfort him.

After this awful experience, and having to go through so much pain watching poor Charlie suffer, I knew I wanted to start an initiative to give all pets (and pet owners) something to be excited about with our exclusive one of a kind customized packages while helping other pets in need. Bark if You Want some is not simply a business but we want all our members to feel like they are part of our family. Proceeds from select packages that we provide on our website go to Lend A Paw which seeks out pets in need and gives them the support they may require during a time of need. With our Lend A Paw initiative, our main objective is to help other families and pet owners who are going through a similar situation that my family went through with my dog Charlie.

We are a family business who is opening our arms and welcoming all our subscribers into our family. Together we are stronger. Let's have fun while being proactive and helping all those dogs in need.

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